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Extraordinary GM on 20 January 2017

The UFA Committee has arranged an EGM to discuss the future Welsh Government and NRW (Natural Resources Wales) fisheries Policy and its effect on the River Usk and its tributaries.  We want to give time to this matter for discussion and have invited a senior NRW representative to attend, so that you may ask questions, voice your opinions and hear directly from NRW.

The meeting will be at the Angel Hotel and start at 7 pm.

The topics that may come up are such matters as: the rod licence changes, salmon and trout stock levels, access, FEBs, poaching, pollution, resourcing of NRW — in other words any aspect in which the Welsh Government and NRW have impact.  What follows are some documents that are pertinent to some of the topics that may arise:

NRW Sustainable Inland Fisheries in Wales — an Agenda for Change

Rod Licence Duties 2016 application 280416

2016 Rod licence changes 2017 QandA

2016 Usk Juvenile Salmonid Summary

2016 11 18 LFG briefing Exploitation

2016 11 Briefing Note FEBs

If you are aware of other documents that are relevant and it’s appropriate to place them on this website, please do contact me, Helen Harrison, via the ‘Get in Touch’ page.

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