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The UFA is an independent association representing riparian owners, clubs, associations, organisations and all persons interested in the preservation of fishing on the river Usk and its tributaries.


Usk Fishing Association

Officers and Committee

The Officers and Committee represent the members on official bodies that govern and/or influence local legislation and the well being of our beautiful riverine ecology.

UFA is currently influencing discussions and decisions on:

• pollution,
• water abstraction,
• access issues,
• education,
• catch and release, and
• poaching.

Usk Fishing Association

Decision Making

Such discussions and decisions help UFA to:

  • safeguard all the fishing interests and the amenities connected therewith in the area of the river Usk catchment.
  • represent fishing and associated amenity interests in the area of the Usk river catchment at public or private Inquiries as desirable or necessary.
  • nominate persons to represent the fishing interests on any statutory or voluntary body as desirable or necessary.
  • consider and make representations on all matters affecting the fishing interests and the amenities of the whole of the river Usk catchment.
  • promote or assist in promoting fishing and associated fishing activities in the area of the river Usk catchment.
  • make appropriate links with other associations and clubs whose objectives are similar, or in part similar, to the objects of the Association. Working together can achieve more than separately.
  • do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above activities or any of them.

You can access the UFA constitution here.

Angling Trust and Fish Legal Logos

Angling Trust & Fish Legal

UFA Committee encourages owners of the River Usk to become members of Angling Trust and Fish legal, because the Association does not have the funds or expertise to act as a single body on legal issues affecting the river.

It strongly suggests that owners apply for membership as soon as possible particularly with future Welsh Government legislative and planning programmes that potentially could affect the river and Usk Catchments.

Naturally, it is your choice what you do. If interested there are links to both websites below:

Join the UFA and help to safeguard the future of the River Usk.