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Tidal power superficially looks like a tempting green approach to generating power but how wrong can the initial look be. 

There are many ways tidal power would be so detrimental to the environment in the way the organisation, Tidal Power plc, has put forward a proposal to construct a tidal lagoon power plant that would be built in Swansea Bay.  What was even more concerning was that Tidal Power wanted to extend the proposed approach to further tidal lagoon power plants between Cardiff and Newport and the other side of Newport too.

In June 2018 the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy announced that the Government would not approve the plan, predominantly on the grounds it was too costly.  However, since that decision other options are reportedly being explored.  The backers of the original project are investigating the possibility of re-booting the scheme without the help of the government.

UFA’s position on tidal power is to oppose any proposal of a tidal power project that impact directly and/or indirectly the river Usk.  This opposition is on the basis that not only that serious damage to migratory fish stocks would be unavoidable, but also other consequences would have knock on effects on the ecosystem generally and knock-on effects to the economy and the well-beings for those who live in the affected areas.


Join the UFA and help to safeguard the future of the River Usk.