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List of Articles

From time to time the UFA publishes articles, written by association members or guest authors, covering contemporary issues affecting the river Usk, its eco-system and those who enjoy the environment it provides. In this section you can browse through an archive of the articles we have published before 2015, which are still up-to-date.  Future articles will remain on the website until they are clearly superseded by new information.

If you might be interesting in authoring an article that would interest members of the UFA, please get in touch.


Title Author Introduction
The importance of small tributaries on our river trout fisheries Guy Mawle This article featured in April 2013 issue of the Wild Trout Trust’s Salmo trutta magazine and much of it relates to the Usk.
Midges on the flats Rob Bowen Local fly fishing instructor Rob Bowen has kindly agreed to this article being posted — enjoy!
How to choose the right fly — Upwings Mark Roberts Local fly fishing instructor Mark Roberts has kindly given us permission to post this article, which is the first of 3 on choosing the right fly.
Trout Spring Fishing On the River Usk Mark Roberts Mark Roberts has kindly agreed for us to publish a very informative  article he has written on Spring Fishing on the Usk. There is even a video link on the last page of the article of Mark fishing.
Eels — Are they doomed? Sophie Arbuthnot The latest scientific advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) concerning European eel is that the stock is outside safe biological limits and current fisheries are not sustainable. Recent recruitment of eel (glass eel) has been as low as 1% of historic levels (measured on a European scale), and adult eels that are migrating to the sea to spawn suffer high mortality rates.


Sophie Arbuthnot kindly sent the following for those of us, who are alarmed by the lack of eels.

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