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Fishing without permission and the theft of fish are criminal offences – with which the police are duty-bound to deal.  UFA recommends that you follow the following procedure if you witness poaching.

Procedure if you witness an incident of poaching

If confronted by poacher’s, illegal fishing, do not ’ get involved’. If they refuse to leave, dial 101 explain the situation and report that you feel ‘THREATENED’ or ‘INTIMIDATED’ by their presence which more often than not is the case.

If you have been assaulted or threatened with violence then telephone 999.

Don’t forget to give your correct details, organisation you are with and location. If you see a vehicle record the number, make and model, you could take a photo of the vehicle this may or may not be used in evidence. It is also useful to have your OS grid ref, and if possible the postcode of the area you are in and the nearest road number, ie A4042.

Always keep a pen / pencil and paper handy.

If there is no threat or you don’t actually see anyone but you suspect a certain vehicle may be involved, record the details and telephone 0800 807060 later, it is all good intelligence for the NRW (Natural Resources Wales).

The Anglers Trust guide has far more detail.  You can download this guide from:

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