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A Salmon Caught!

One couldn’t make up what happened to Chris Brain, UFA member. Chris answered a call from Jean Williams as she had a lady from TV in the shop. The upshot was he was persuaded to unearth his tackle, unused since last season, go straight down to the river and “pretend “ to fish to give her a bit of footage for a news feature to be shown shortly. In his pocket was his summer fly box lacking a preferred spring collection. You know what’s coming next. Half a dozen casts and just after she said that would do for her, he hooked a fish and she was able to film the whole sequence through to the successful release.

Thankfully it went pretty smoothly in the circumstance of no net, no beach and an eddy in which to land and release it safely. Not wanting to delay getting the fish back in the water he has no specific size details but thinks at least 12lbs and spanking fresh .

Click here to watch the ITV footage.

What a great story.

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