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NRW water abstraction notice

River Usk

There was a public notice in the Abergavenny Chronicle on 9 February 2022, in which NRW (Natural Resources Wales) gives notice about a variation of water abstraction permissions DCWW (Dwr Cymru Welsh Water) have.  To see the notice click here.

An UFA member asked about it and we have gained some information about it from WUF (Wye and Usk Foundation). In case you are wondering about it too, here is the information WUF gave UFA:

"Covid had blown apart water company models and the UWAG agreement not to abstract from the Usk in the summer and instead allow Llandegffedd to run down. We [water consumers] are using 25% more water than before and Llandegffedd ran dangerously low last year. Due to the restrictions at Prioress to protect the SAC, and the demands on Usk reservoir to run the canal, DCWW are looking to release more water from Talybont to take out at Prioress.  The water company is trying to deliver its obligations.  

I [Simon Evans, Chief Executive of WUF] am trying to get these releases to happen when there is a summer freshet. This will improve fish migration in the lower Usk, perhaps getting a few more up to you in the summer. I raised this at the last UWAG meeting."

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