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Fishing on the river Usk

UFA is an independent association representing riparian owners, clubs, associations, organisations and everyone interested in the conservation of the river environment and fishing on the river Usk and its tributaries.

Usk Fishing Association

About the UFA

Welcome to the Usk Fishing Association (UFA) website! In the past UFA was known as the United Usk Fishermen’s Association.

It has been actively involved in all of the important issues relating to the river Usk and its tributaries, such as buying out salmon nets and successfully fighting against an Usk barrage.

If you want to learn more about the formal objectives of UFA do go to ‘About UFA ’.  In addition the UFA rules lists them — as well as other formal details about the running of UFA.

Usk Fishing Association


UFA is currently influencing discussions and decisions on:

  • pollution,
  • water abstraction,
  • access issues,
  • education,
  • catch and release, and
  • poaching.

All these matters affect, directly and indirectly, the health of the river and associated livelihoods and enjoyment.

Fish Legal webpage

Petition: Public’s ‘right to know’ about water company pollution under threat – please help Fish Legal

Request for support for a petition to stop Government taking away public's 'right to know'

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water plans for improvements on river Usk

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water plans for improvements on river Usk

2022 Usk salmon catch and stock status

A summary of this year's salmon catch on the river Usk and the general status of its salmon

Join the UFA and help to safeguard the future of the River Usk.