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Environment Agency Consultation: Severn Estuary Byelaws

The Severn estuary byelaws and Net Limitation Order are relevant to those that fish on the river Usk because those netting for salmon in the Severn Estuary exploit mainly Usk and Wye salmon. Proposed angling regulations in the river Severn itself have no direct relevance for Usk salmon. 

Usk Fishing Association would really appreciate as many people to complete this consultation as possible. You are encouraged to support the measures for the Estuary as they:

  • keep the putcher and seine net fisheries closed, and
  • allow a maximum of 22 lave nets persons to fish catch and release.

The measures would be in place for ten years.  This 'no kill' policy maintains the position in 2020, which was achieved through emergency byelaws that have now expired.

The consultation response form is found at:

Consultation Response Form

The consultation closes on 6 April 2021.  We have taken up Guy Mawle's kind offer to share his responses, which may help you.  It is an aid rather than a script, so do use those parts that work for you, changing the wording to suit your approach and thoughts on the matter.

Guy Mawle's response

If you wish to see the background and proposals, you can find them at:

Background and proposals

Thanks, in anticipation of your help!

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