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WFD Newsletter — ‘Living Waters for Wales’

The Environment Agency has just relased its third WFD Newsletter which makes interesting reading for Usk Fishery Enthusiasts.

Rod Fishing Byelaws — A Guide for Anglers 2011

This is a layman’s guide to byelaws made under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975, regulating fishing by rod and line within the area covered by Environment Agency Wales.

Minister Gives Green Light to Review of Cormorant Licensing

Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon MP announced yesterday a review of the current licensing régime for cormorant control at an Angling Summit, attended by 30 angling and fisheries organisations. This announcement followed a letter to the Minister from the Angling Trust last November, calling for action to be taken to protect stillwater and river fisheries which are suffering significant losses as a result of cormorant predation.

Invasive Species of Shrimp

In the last week it has been confirmed that a new invasive species of shrimp has been found in Cardiff Bay. Although it is harmless to humans it will cause extreme damage to the natural environment of the bay and any area it comes in contact with. It could also have repercussions in our area should it be inadvertently spread throughout the Usk catchment.

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